En Suites

Choose Beeby Construction Services to fit an ensuite in your home in Leicester and the Midlands.

Installing an en suite can add value to your home as well as cutting down on the queue for the shower in the morning as family members prepare for work and school. Whether you use some of the bedroom space to create a new ensuite, install one as part of an extension or you simply want to update a current en suite, talk to us today about creating your dream project.

What is an Suite?

En suite is a French phrase that means ‘in the room’, and it is now widely used to describe a bathroom that is only accessible through a bedroom. It acts as a private bathroom facility for the resident of that room, separate from the master bedroom.

They are popular in family houses, where an extra bathroom is an advantage for privacy and convenience.

Benefits of an En Suite

There are a number of great benefits to installing an ensuite bathroom in your home:


The more bathrooms there are available, the easier it is for the whole family to get ready for the day at the same time. If, for example, the parents use their en suite bathroom and the kids use the master bathroom, it eases the congestion whilst people wait for others to wash and brush their teeth when trying to get ready for work and school.

It also cuts down the distance you need to travel in the dark for midnight bathroom visits. This means there is less chance of disturbing the sleep of the other residents of the house.

Increases the Value of the Home

Because of this added bathroom capacity, your home becomes a more attractive prospect to buyers. It is thought that an additional bathroom can boost your house value by around 5%, which is extremely handy. It may also give your home the advantage over others on the market with the same overall space, but with fewer bathrooms.


It is nice to be able to use your bathroom in peace, and an en suite allows just this. With the only access being through your bedroom, it is less likely that anyone will barge in on you enjoying a long soak in the bath.


The master bathroom must appeal to all members of the family and anyone who visits, but that is not the case with the en suite. This is a private bathroom for the people who sleep in that room in particular, so you can design the en suite to fit your tastes and requirements completely.

This ability to put the personal touch on the en suite makes it more inviting and relaxing for the people who use it on a regular basis and marks it out as ‘their space’.


If you don’t have children yet, you might not see the point of an en suite. However, installing the en suite bathroom now future proofs your home for if they do come along. Even if you have children who have left home, there may be grandchildren on the way, and that will mean you need ever more space to comfortably host your growing brood.

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