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Beeby Constructions Services is an expert wetroom installer in Leicester and across the Midlands.


Whether you want to create a brand new wetroom, revamp a current wetroom or convert a regular bathroom, we ensure that the finished result looks fantastic and serves your family well for many years to come.

What is a Wetroom?

A wetroom is like an open plan bathroom or shower room. Rather than having a separate cubicle for the shower, everything is on the same level, with the water running off down a slight slope into the drainage system through a flush drain located around the shower area.

The room is sealed and waterproofed to protect the rest of your property from the shower water that sprays onto the floor. Some people section off the shower area with a curtain hung from rails attached to the ceiling or wall. Others may install a glass barrier.

Within the wet room, you would usually have the bathroom sink and toilet, as well as the shower area. They are particularly handy for small spaces and for those with restricted mobility.

Advantages of Having a Wetroom

There are a number of advantages to having a wetroom in your property. They include:

Space Saving

With no need to find the room to fit a bulky shower cubicle, you have more space to play with. For small bathrooms, a wetroom allows you to comfortably install a toilet, wash basin and shower without having to worry about being able to access all of the facilities easily. This gives you more options when designing the wetroom too, meaning that you can create your perfect vision for the bathroom.


Wetrooms are the ultimate bathroom choice for providing access for the whole family. The design of these rooms mean that they are easily accessible for elderly family members or anyone with restricted mobility. There are no steps to climb up as the whole floor and shower area is on one level. You can also easily use a shower seat in a wetroom for added convenience.

Easy to Clean

The ability to clean a wetroom more easily than a regular bathroom is a definite advantage to this kind of washroom. It is a wet environment already, so you can use your household cleaners to wipe and maintain the surfaces in no time at all.


Wetroom Installations in Leicester and the Midlands

However you want your wetroom to look, we have the experience and professionalism to make your dream come true. You can decide which facilities to fit in, whether you want a curtain or a screen to designate your shower area and anything else that will make the wetroom unique to you and your family.

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