Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Options In Leicestershire

Choosing the Perfect Fireplace Options In Leicestershire

The fireplace of your home can be a real focal point in the living room. However, following the heyday of traditional open fires, many homes across Leicestershire and beyond replaced them with dull, bog standard gas and electrical versions. The good news is that the industry has really moved on. In fact, there are a host of beautiful and exciting fireplace options on the market today. 

You need to choose how you fill that fireplace carefully. Ensure you pick something that meets strict guidelines on what type of stove can be used in smoke control areas like Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham. Here are some fireplace options that Beeby Construction Services can fit for you in Leicestershire and the Midlands 

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Fireplace Options in Leicestershire

Here are some of your fireplace options in Leicestershire and the Midlands.  

Log Burner

Log burners are a beautiful looking item to have in your room, especially when the fire is raging. The wide window in the stove allows you to see the fire burning brightly. Watching the flames twist and turn is an absolute joy.

You can use a log burner to heat just one room or even connect it to your central heating to keep the whole house toasty. This will, of course, take up more wood. It also means you have to find a large area to store all of the timber that you need to keep the radiators warm. 

We will ensure that the log burner we fit in your house meets with the strict building regulations. The flue has to be fitted properly to pass muster, and there needs to be a few other considerations taken into account, such as the distance of the item from combustible materials and the size of the hearth to name but two. This is our area of expertise as log burner installers in Leicester and the Midlands in general. We have the knowledge and experience to correctly fit this warming, well crafted and beautiful item in your home, which will bring you years of pleasure. 

Carbon Neutral Log Burners

Log burners are also carbon neutral, making them an environmentally friendly choice. The carbon it releases is off-set by the carbon it takes in whilst the tree is growing. If you live in a smoke control area, which covers most major urban centres like Leicester, you will need to buy a DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved stove. This is not a concern if you live anywhere rural or in other towns. For example, the entirely of Charnwood, including Loughborough, has no such restrictions, so you are free to burn wood on a log burner.  

Multi Fuel Stove

If you do live in a smoke control area like Leicester and Nottingham, a multi fuel stove might be your best option if you can’t find a DEFRA approved log burner that you like. 

When it comes to fireplace options, multi fuel stoves are another fantastically cosy way to heat your room. They are as efficient as log burning stoves, provide the same amount of heat, but you can burn logs, smokeless fuel, anthracite and even briquettes made from peat or turf! 

If you don’t have a log supplier nearby, this opens up your options for ordering-in fuel and means you don’t have to necessarily travel all over vast swathes of Leicestershire looking for a place to get hold of logs. There are more options open to you. 

As with log burners, you need to find an expert installer like Bebby Construction Services to fit your multi fuel stove if you live in Leicester or the rest of the Midlands. We will ensure it is safe and meets all the necessary regulations so all you need to do is sit back and relax in the warmth and glow of your multi fuel stove.  

Leicestershire Fireplace Installations

We install your perfect fireplace options across Leicestershire and the rest of the Midlands. We do an expert job with as little disruption to you as possible and we make sure your log burner or multi fuel stove is up and running as soon as we can so you can enjoy the money saving benefits, as well as the true cosiness of one of these amazing stoves straight away. 

Contact us today on 07849 456962 to find out more. 

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