New Planning Rules Make it Easier to Extend Your Home Without Full Planning Permission

New planning rules are here to make it easier for homeowners to build up to two additional storeys without full planning permission. As long as they consider the impact on the neighbours and the overall look of the extension, anyone seeking to create extra space for a growing family, an elderly relative, a home office or any other reason can now do so through a fast track approval process.


The idea behind the new planning law, which came into effect in September 2020, is to cut the red tape associated with the process and to ease the pressure on councils to build on greenfield sites in order to fulfil demand. If you want to take advantage of this change, call me on 07849 456962 to talk about your home extension.

How Do The New Planning Laws Work?

If you are looking to make more of the home in which you live, rather than move house in an uncertain market, these planning laws will make it easier. When coming up with designs and concepts for the additional storeys on your home, you still need to comply with all building regulations. In addition, you need to look at your design from your neighbours’ point of view as well as assessing whether the extension is in-keeping with the style of your home and the others in the area.

From there, you submit your plans for the fast track process and, although your local authority will need to consult those living in your area about them, your neighbours now have fewer powers to object and block your extension.

Other New Planning Rules

Other planning rules that came into law at the same time include the ability for landowners to demolish and rebuild buildings to be used as homes without full planning permission.

In addition, owners of commercial and retail property are now able to repurpose their buildings without getting caught up in red tape. However, this does not apply to libraries, village shops and pubs. In announcing the laws, the government said it recognised these establishments formed “part of the fabric of areas.”

Robert Jenrick, the Housing Secretary said the new planning system would “give small business owners the freedom they need to adapt and evolve, and to renew our town centres with new enterprises and more housing.

These changes will help transform boarded up, unused buildings safely into high quality homes at the heart of their communities. It will mean that families can add up to 2 storeys to their home, providing much needed additional space for children or elderly relatives as their household grows.”

Why Build an Extension Rather Than Move?

For many people, this tweaking of the rules will come as great news. Some families do not want to move out of their current home, even if it is becoming a little cramped. They may have family nearby, children in good local schools and love their area, but not be able to afford the next home up on the ladder.

It isn’t always to do with expanding families, though. With so many people now working from home, building an office is a very sensible idea. Additionally, installing your own home gym means you don’t have to worry about taking out a membership somewhere else and never knowing whether it is going to be closed down due to a lockdown.

Whatever the reason for extending up to two storeys, it is now possible without being bogged down by too much admin. Make sure you call me today on 07849 456962 to talk about your extension.

Below are links to all the local authority planning departments of Leicester & County


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